Is a new intelligent civilization the solution to the very serious world problem in which we are all trapped?

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Intelligent World Organism

IWO is an executive response on a global scale, capable of converting citizens, new businesses and smart cities into COMPLEMENTARY protagonists.


Moving on to global action requires an instrument whose use allows us to complement each other, achieving the convergence of the sufficient positive impact power required by the severity and magnitude of current challenges, risks and

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toxic tendencies. Together, we are in full capacity to overcome them.

IWO provides the digital infrastructure or system and the executive project, to build and manage a new socio-economic system based on regenerative spiral economy, complementarity and the maximization of intelligent well-being, enabling it to be deployed in an accelerated and dynamic manner at any scale. Through the mass processing and application of knowledge in an interconnected manner in productive projects and the management of supply networks, IWO builds a Global Human Project for the world, builds and articulates a network of city and project networks and guides human activity to be socially and ecologically sound.

In this way, IWO provides the first fully comprehensive, holistic and pragmatic solution for much of the existential challenges and risks of our civilization.

IWO manages a new world civilization based on the process of collective intelligence in the new Knowledge Society


Fulfillment of the 17 millennium goals:

Transition from current system to new system without violence or trauma, taking advantage of all the innovations of the IV Industrial Revolution.
Generation of regions where citizens are partners and co-participants in a new regenerative economy and direct real democracy.
Creation of a new paid citizen function and benefit from the production of the Globally Shared Smart Wellbeing.
Re-humanize all processes that have to do with human action and interaction throughout the world.
And much more…


The executive framework of the IWO platform is part of a global transnational company with glocal application. This legal framework grants agility and flexibility and compensates, in its ethical, social and efficient benefits, the partners that comprise it.

Essential Foundations


IWO is based on the notion of R.A.K. Relative Absolute Knowledge. The sum of the 3 intelligences (natural, human and artificial), converted into knowledge updated at every moment. It is the fundamental raw material from which the entire system is nourished.


Universal IWO interaction protocol. This algorithm – dna is the basis of the new Exo Organism (software) that enhances the use of Collective Intelligence. It is measured in unity of knowledge + wisdom resulting in F2> F1 in an intelligent and interactive process of interconnected projects.


IWO is also based on the concept of the U.R.U. or Universal Reference Unit. A new Social Contract for the XXIst Century: the Contract of Global Complementarity. Determine the optimal conditions necessary to ensure Smart Wellness.


IWO is a cloud platform, where the core of the system operates with various functions: Creation, administration, management, voting and auditing of the projects that make up the new citizen smart network. The link with the user is done through an APP interface that operates as an intelligent GPS and virtual assistant.

Global Efficient Index

Determine the outcome of any human process by evaluating it from
of the -adn algorithm. It is based on two main conditions: the ecological footprint and the fulfillment of the new global contract (URU)


A new equitable economic reference unit anywhere in the world, supported by the indicative real value of the G.E.I. Equal City serves as the basis for Transition Strategy: transitioning from a speculative to a real economy, based on real-world benefits.

Complete Citizenry Circuit

A new citizen function of direct production and consumption in rural and self-sustaining urban contexts (Bioregions and Smart Cities). A positive greenhouse effect is generated for the transfer of resources from the old system to the new one thanks to the support of Equal City and all the IWO infrastructure.

Strategy TTT

To achieve the objectives proposed by IWO, a clear strategy of Transfer, Transition and Transformation is defined from an inefficient system to an organic system, where efficiency and the new concept of Intelligent Wellbeing are key.

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Scheme of knowledge flow + applied wisdom as the dynamic essence of the new intelligent world organism

R.A.K. Essential Equation (F1)
Present Diagnosis. Cause Analysis
Future Diagnosis. Consequences Analysis
Algorith – ADN.
Organic Model. Software Infrastructure
Software / Project (The Glocal Human Project)
Intelligent GPS (All in One Global Instrument)
World Auto Organization (Global – Glocal). Democracy Evolved
Global knowledge economy spiraling upward
G.E.I. (Global Efficient Index). Equal City currency.
Global efficiency Constant evolutionary development of the knowledge + wisdom society. Intellectual and sensitive conscious evolution of every human being. Activation of solutions and palliative to all serious inherited problems reversible and irreversible
Global mass production and consumption of K + W. New Intelligent World Market. Citizen occupation for life with economic and psychic returns. Creation and constant expansion of a new context of global and global complementarity among citizens, the new intelligent networks of companies and the Smart Bio cities integrated with each other and with a new rural context.

A new APP for a new Smart World

As a Intelligent GPS

The new IWO App will enable a new citizen function with which you will learn and manage to carry out any project you have in mind.

As if it were an Intelligent GPS, it will guide and assist you in the easiest way possible in a worldwide network of intelligent projects. You can vote, invest and participate in projects that will give you real remuneration for life.

It is the new empowerment of the citizen of the 21st century.

As a Assisted Video-game

Can you imagine playing the world you want in a game where everyone wins if you win?

A game that will create the new citizen function adapted to the needs of the new civilization of knowledge.

You will learn, have fun and get a true benefit the more you play.


About us


The origin of IWO dates back to 1989, when Guillermo Oscar Vetcher begins an exhaustive study on the effects of incipient globalization. In 1998 he published the book “La Cuarta Vía” that earned him international recognition. Years later, with multiple additional publications, he directed the MAG project for Spain’s cooperation with Latin America. In recent years, it adapted the IWO system to social, economic, scientific and technological innovations to complete a comprehensive proposal in its approach and execution.

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